Case Studies of Recent Strategic Assignments

Case 1 :Turned-around a large stagnating business acquired in Europe comprising of 3 plants and with a Turnover of €450 M and an EBIDTA on €5 M, in the difficult plastic films business. Created a Synergy Business Plan for a final exit-rate EBIDTA of €98 M, and first-year EBIDTA of €45. Involved a very detailed analysis and squeezing out of every € of opportunity. Developed a very detailed Action Plan, a month-by-month Budget, and a regular Monitoring Program.Involved a huge effort in mind-set change and motivation of the human resources used to working in a less rigorous style. Exceeded the targeted running rate from 1st quarter itself.

Case 2 :Transformed a regional commodity non-ferrous metals producer into a national market leader to achieve national market leadership (40% market share), 30% revenue growth (Rs. 900 cr. to Rs. 1270 cr.), 35% profit growth, and 1% savings in procurement & logistics. Concluded two JVs with Japanese leaders for technology and access to Japanese OEMs. Funding from PE and Banks. Focussed on capitalizing core competencies, new markets entry, product innovation, robust planning, strict review & monitoring of key results, and creating an agile, customer-focused, & process-driven organization.

Case 3 :Transformed a stagnating biotech company to achieve 80% top-line growth (Rs. 80 cr. to Rs.150 cr.), 200% profitability growth, entry into 2 regions to become a dominant national player, and the most preferred brand among Indian customers. Focussed on core business, exiting non-core businesses, aggressive business development in new markets, and focus on R&D to create a pipeline of new products. Entering international markets in SAARC, ASEAN, South Europe (with JV for new plant), North Africa, South Africa, and Brazil. Resolved persistent problems of quality, productivity, procurement, and logistics in the Plant leading to saving 4% cost of production. Revamped the organization to make employees motivated, productive and customer-focused.